The Bug Genie 4.1.10 is out!

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The Bug Genie 4.1.10 is out!

Post by virtualdavid » Thu Dec 08, 2016 8:28 pm

The Bug Genie Team just released version 4.1.10. Below is the info from the release page and the link to it.

The Softaculous Team has created an auto-update to this version for those of us using their software: ... bug_fixes).

Many thanks to The Bug Genie Team for this great software!!! Cheers!

The Bug Genie 4.1.10
zegenie released this 9 hours ago

Official release link: ... ag/v4.1.10

This is the 10th update to the 4.1 version. This release brings a bunch of fixes, mainly:
  • • updated mobile theme
    • support for upgrading and cache-clearing via the command line
    • a fix for notification settings not saving in certain situations
    • better support for log items
    • support for logging in with email or username

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