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API Authentification

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 2:32 pm
by palbaret
I'm trying to use the API to connect to bugGeny and aving an integration with some Testing tool.
our authentification is an LDAP authentification.

according the documentation
$salt = "035e2dbfe9ac096c1d6aa61e67d52bc908ecfe45"; // the security application key
$password_hash = crypt("MyLdapPwd", '$2a$07$'.$salt.'$');
$headers = "Cookie: tbg3_username=palbaret; tbg3_password={$password_hash}\r\n";

When I execute an Http request for example: ... state/open
with my custo cookie I always have an error 4.3: forbidden

Does Ldap authentification is supported thru an API authentification?
Where shall I found some example of API connection to buggeny system?

thanks for helping.