When should we make a post a bug or enhancement issue?

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When should we make a post a bug or enhancement issue?

Post by virtualdavid » Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:07 pm

It seems this Help forum is a good place to start writing a good draft bug report or enhancement request, however, I'm not sure when to add a post as an issue (as my "issues" are often the result of poor understanding on my part, overlooking the obvious, etc. :mrgreen: ")? Perhaps phpBB has a pluggin that would allow the moderators to quickly and easily flag a post as

1) ready to add as an issue/enhancement in the Bug Genie's issue tracker (http://issues.thebuggenie.com/) with a link to some good examples of well written/formatted issues/enhancement requests,

2) an issue/enhancement that has already been added to the Bug Genie's issue tracker (perhaps the moderator could be promoted to provide a link, so future visitors to the forum topic know to look for progress on the issue/enhancement in the issue tracker),

3) an issue/enhancement that is already fixed in/added to the latest version under development (and provide some boiler plate language inviting users to install the latest GitHub test version to see/test the posted about fix or enhancement),

4) a request that can be resolved quickly with the purchase of a Basic support plan at € 49/month for 72 hours guaranteed response time, should no forum user/volunteer answer the post in a time frame acceptable to the poster (sort of a reminder that while The Bug Genie and this forum are provided for free as a community/open-source service, there is a professional team available for hire when volunteer help is just not enough).

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