upgrade from 4.1.13 to github-master (4.2.0 actually)

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upgrade from 4.1.13 to github-master (4.2.0 actually)

Post by ffabreti » Fri Jul 07, 2017 7:57 pm


I am moving a TBG install (4.1.13) from one server to another and decided to upgrade the version too.
As 4.1.13 is the last version published, I want to upgrade to version 4.2.0, master branch on github (because it corrects lots of bugs that have bitten me :lol: ).

None of the Readme.md, Upgrade.md, FAQ or Wiki docs apply in my case (really hope I am wrong about that!)
I mean, there are no docs guiding such a upgrade.

So, I have tried to copy files and database to new server and starting upgrade via web (localhost/upgrade) and it tells me I am running the last version (4.1.13) already.

Had better luck installing 4.2.0 from scratch and pointing it to database from 4.1.13, but, database schema have subtly changed and I am afraid I will end up having silently errors and funcionality malfunction.

Anyway, what would be the correct way to migrate from last published version to github master ?


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